Six Layered Coffee

Apparently, holding a warm beverage helps to promote an image of personal warmth. Well, if you want to do so, do it with style! Be noticed! Use the six-layered coffeetm!

Well, it’s not like the recipe’s complicated. First, you need a restaurant-type espresso machine. I happen to have one at work, for which I am grateful every morning. Just add some sugar (I prefer blond or brown) to the milk (I prefer 3¼%) and you mousse it as with an ordinary latté; you wait long enough (5s?) for the mousse to separate from the milk and rise to the top within the steamer pot thingy; then you pour it into the glass—or transparent coffee cup, otherwise, the exercise is as tasty, but not as showy. Then only you add the espresso coffee, very slowly. Top it with sugar cristals. You’re done! Yummy!

Six-layered Coffee

Six-layered Coffee

If you look closely (and there’s enough sugar in the milk), you’ll see up to six layers form. The next level is to learn how to make butterflies motifs in the mousse. I’m not there yet.

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