Music to Code to

If you’re anything like me, you like to create a musical bubble to isolate you from your surroundings and being able to concentrate on what you actually have to do. To do so, I have amassed a rather long list of dub, trance, techno mixes. Some are 90 minutes long, and are very well crafted. People who think that techno is always the same (boom-tss-boom-tss) are clearly missing something.

I have bought numerous CDs over the years, but it turns out that there are a lot of (legal, DRM-free) free podcasts out there, and while they’re not all easy to find, they’re easy to share. Here are the few I d/l recently:

The Zoolook Project has several podcasts of ambient, trance, hard techno, etc., mixes. Amongst which I like:

There’s also the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi website that offers both streaming and pod casts. A bit wierder, maybe. I like:

Other personnal favorites include the DJ LNG mixes found at DJ LNG (aka Romalong)‘s page. Especially Random Regularity.

Happy hacking, then!

4 Responses to Music to Code to

  1. acidfoo says:, solo piano / world music :)

    • Steven Pigeon says:


      I took the liberty of patching your URL to something that is actually an URL ;)

      That’s actually also pretty good. That’s too bad they don’t have podcasts. In some (work) environment, you’re frown upon when you’re streaming a few tens of megabytes per day. Not That I have this problem, though.

  2. Remy says:

    thanks for sharing !

  3. […] Guts, Code. In a previous post I told you about where to get (legal, free, and DRM-free) Music for your coding […]

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