Suggested Reading: The Complete Manual of Typography

James Felici — The Complete Manual of Typography: A guide to setting perfect type — Adobe Press, 361 pp. ISBN 978-0-321-12730-3

(Buy at Amazon)

(Buy at Amazon)

With this very well written book, Felici introduces the main concepts of computer assisted typography—the only one that still exists. A large part of the book is devoted to the technological aspects of typesettings, such as software and font formats like TrueType or OpenType, but the most interesting part presents the language of typefaces (and not fonts, there’s a fundamental difference) and how a careful use of typeface makes a text not only beautiful but easy to read.

This is book is for typography what the Gang of Four‘s Design Pattern is to computer engineering. Many things you will read realizing that you knew that already, maybe if only intuitively, but now you have an extended vocabulary to designate very limited and precise concepts.

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