A Year in Blogging (The Good, The Bad, the Meh)

It’s been a year already! Hard to believe, seems like I started this blog yesterday. I think I’ll take an easy one this week. Maybe we can have a look at all that happened this year?


Top Posts

Surprisingly enough (to me, anyway) some posts got great many hits (some well over the 5,000 mark!). The five top posts are

A post that gets regular hits (and getting near the thousand) is my post on how to make origami CD/DVD sleeves with a normal US Letter format piece of paper. Another one that gets about 5 to 10 hits a day is my post about the Apple Aluminium Mini Keyboard, mostly because it is linked with the Happy Hacking Keyboard and a Linux-specific bug (still in Launchpad).

Worst Posts

Even the worst posts have hundreds of hits, so I’m not too disappointed. I think the way WordPress keeps the stats may have something to do with their artificially low hit counts; for example, when I look at yesterday’s post (Faster Than Bresenham?) in the list of all posts, WordPress shows me 13 hits, while the detailed stats pages gives me 80-something reads total. There’s a huge discrepancy between the hits (direct reads) that are reported and the actual number of reads, some, if not most, done through the RSS feed.

The bottom posts are all short and, coincidentally, conference-related. That also, I suspect, has to do with WordPress’ way of collecting statistics. These are:


Suggested readings haven’t generated a lots of hits either (but still all over 100 hits), yet I see some Amazon traffic—while generating insignificant revenues. I guess we’re not interested in the same kind of reading.

* *

I also have been more or less regular on the time of posting the entries. If I never missed a week, I show quite a lot of variation as to when on tuesdays I hit the publish button.

Post Times on Tuesdays

Post Times on Tuesdays

* *

This first year in blogging has been a great experience. It allowed me to learn a lot, meet smart people and interesting communities (I think, for example, of the guys of #x264dev on Freenode). I do not know much what’s in store for the next year, but, you know, que sera, sera.

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