A quick Bash Fix

Remember, not too long ago I told you how to shorten path names in a Bash prompt? Well two things. Apparently, there’s a similar mechanism in Bash 4.0 with PROMPT_DIRTRIM(which I haven’t tried yet). Second, noticed that I’m frequently using many terminals opened on many machines, and I’m not always sure which is which. Using uname -n in the terminal spews the machine name, but it’d be much better if the name appeared in the terminal title bar. To do so, use the same prompt I used previously, and add $HOSTNAME (a Bash variable that holds the machine’s name) in there:

PS1='\[\033]0;$HOSTNAME: $(shorten_path "${PWD}" 50)\007\]$(shorten_path "${PWD}" 50) >'

(again, use the view plain mode if WordPress messes up the syntax again)

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