Third day of ISIEA09

On this last day of ISIEA09, a lot of the participants have already left. This gives me the impression that many participants just left as soon as they had presented their paper. I feel sorry for the last presenters who spoke before almost empty rooms. I think that it is rather rude, nay, even cheap to run away as soon as your paper is presented.

Compounded with the fact that a lot of presenters didn’t even show up—there was a lot of them—the last day at ISIEA09 was rather intimate. On the good side, it meant more time to discuss between talks and some exchanges were rather good. This being said, I think ISIEA should adopt the same ‘no show’ policy other conferences have. Unless you cannot show up because some case of force majeure, your paper is withdrawn from the proceeding and you are banned from the conference for a number of years. That’s harsh, but that prevents situations where 20-25% of the speakers do not even show up.

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