The Perl 6 Logo

GnuVince just showed me the new Perl 6 logo. The butterfly Camelia:


Clearly, it looks more like a logo for some kind of association for preschoolers or for a day-care center than a logo for a programming language. It’s repulsively cute. Seeying that, I joked with GnuVince that’d I rather have a logo that felt more like the hybrid, duct-taped, patchwork Perl actually is, so I drew the hippocamptopus:


My friend systemfault took the drawing of the cussing hippocamptopus and made a O’REILLY parody of it:


* *

Yes, yes, I know, it’s been done before:


2 Responses to The Perl 6 Logo

  1. […] only animal that would have been more ironic than the camel is the platypus. Or the hypocamptopus. Perl 5.10.0 was […]

  2. osirisgothra says: says: awesome, that O’Reilly parody is just golden… I would have liked to see a cussing platypus though… :Psyduck: <- for those who dont have automotes, this was exactly what you might imagine

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