The Platypus

This afternoon, on #bash on Freenode:

[19:08:56]  < DrMax > well, yes, with the trailing -print, it works as expected
[19:09:20] * nDuff mutters about people who don't follow his examples exactly, and then complain when they don't work. :P
[19:09:37]  < DrMax > lol yes, sorry, my bad
[19:09:58]  < DrMax > won't do it again, promise
[19:11:55]  < DrMax > find is the platypus of the *nix ecosystems. It has a beak, claws, venom. It swims, lay eggs, is ugly, but somehow manages to survive
[19:12:13]  < DrMax > I hate this command
[19:12:39]  < DrMax > nDuff : nevertheless, the help is greatly appreciated
[19:13:48] < nDuff > eh; find is like *nix in general -- a little picky about who its friends are. Once you get to know it though, it's the kind of friend that helps you move bodies.
[19:14:16]  < DrMax > hmm interesting, but I don't have to move bodies very often
[19:14:21]  < DrMax > I'd rather have regular friends

We’re discussing find, the command I hate the most in all *nix-like commands. Needless to say, the guys and gals on #bash are always extremely helpful and got me on my way.

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