Suggested Reading: Prisoners Dilema

William Poundstone — Prionner’s Dilema — Anchor, 1993, 294 pp. ISBN 978-0385415804

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This book isn’t really an introduction to game theory, nor a von Neuman biography, nor a history lesson on the cold war era. Most of the book is devoted to either the cold war logic or to game theory, and little to von Neumann who, really, only serves as the main thread bringing game theory and the cold war together. Nevertheless, it’s a quite cromulent introduction, while not very math-oriented, to the fundamentals of game theory where two (or more) players are confronted and try to maximize their gain. Can or should player cooperate? If so, why?

If, like me, you think that the cold war is rather boring, just skip those part, it will still be a quite interesting read.

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