Upgrading to Lucid Lynx

Every once in a while, if you’re not using a rolling release distro like, say, Arch Linux, you have to dist-upgrade your machines. Dist-upgrading consist in upgrading pretty much everything on your computer to the new version sets that correspond to the next distro. I just upgraded from Koala to Lynx.

And, well, …

Everything went just fine, on all the machine I upgraded!

Except for these minor things:

  • Screen saver locks desktops. Just go to preferences→screen saver and uncheck “screen saver locks screen”.
  • Volume Control Applet disappeared. If you really want it back, just add gnome-volume-control-applet in system→startup applications. It is only really useful if you do not have volume keys on your keyboard, so you may want it back.
  • Stupid command-not-found. This thing warns you that the command is not found and queries apt-cache to find packages that might contain the command you type. Before 10.04 uninstalling the package command-not-found was enough, now you have to uninstall command-not-found-data as well, otherwise you get an error message like /usr/bin/python: can't find '__main__.py' in '/usr/share/command-not-found' each time you mistype a command. To be honest, I had the problem because I uninstalled the command-not-found package in 9.10, but somehow, the dist-upgrade thought it would be nice if I had command-not-found-data anyway.
  • Some behavior changed in compiz. Exposé doesn’t show you the desktop wall right away but shows you a variant of window picker where all your windows are crammed in the current screen. Not a biggie, but it doesn’t do what it used to.

But has the nice new things:

  • Mac Keyboard light works as in OS/X.
  • Mac Screen Brightness also works with brightness+/- keys.
  • More sensors. Now I see (new) detailed sensors on machines where I had fewer. My AMD64 box now shows motherboard temp, but the Macbook pro sensors still have only numbers.
  • Wireless works better on my Dell inspiron mini 10v.
  • Poulsbo support still sucks, but people have started porting drivers that actually works to Lynx.

And if you wonder what took me so long to dist-upgrade, well, I prefer wait some time to let others find dist-upgrade related bugs. I cured my upgraditis a while ago.

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