2nd Year in Blogging

I have just completed another year in blogging without missing a single scheduled post: This one is the 176th already!

Hits have increased steadily over the last year, principally due to a few shocking posts such as Is Python Slow? and high-visibility posts such as the CFM-00 (which was featured on Hack-a-Day). The first post nears 20000 hits, the second 10000 (although they may already have a lot more in fact, but due to wordpress’ way of keeping statistics, there’s often a large discrepancy on hits, depending on where you look, so there’s no real way to know exactly how many hits you have).

There are 176 posts (counting this one), 393 messages (at the moment of posting), 5142 blocked spam (who still thinks it will work to post a message for cheap v|4gr4 on a C.S. blog?), 1270 tags, 43 categories, and 200000? views.

So… Let us continue onto our third year!

One Response to 2nd Year in Blogging

  1. Denise says:

    Congratulations — and here’s hoping you have a great third year! :)

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