More frobnulated Words

In a previous post, I presented a couple of nonce and other frobnulated words.

Let us obstreperously add a few new words to the previous list.

  • Podopygy, ·ism. From the Greek pyge, butt, and podo, foot. A kick in the butt. Velopodopygy, a swift kick in the butt.

  • Flaccibulbitis. Flacci, as in flaccid, and -bulb. The affliction of being somewhat soft of brains (not Shakespearean, but I’m rather happy with this one).
  • Fatabase. A really, really, big data base. (This one is due to Martin Guralnik.)
  • Trychotomy. The more grammatically correct word for splitting hairs.
  • Sluck-up. The action of sucking up with (PowerPoint) slides. Verb form: Slucking up. The French equivalent would be diaposuccion (resp. diaposucer). (Not mine, but author wants to remain anonymous.)
  • Slidarrhea. A disease easily caught while using PowerPoint that results in a large flow of s*** slides. (French: diaporrhée.)
  • Spaghettification. Neil de Grasse Tyson descibes how entering a black hole spaghettifies you. In other context, the transformation of good code into spaghetti code. If done in Japan, is it ラーメン code?

I have a couple more, but they cannot be used in polite company (though some are truly hilarious).

* *

In a previous post, I said I invented both upgraditis and frobnulated. Frobnulated I did, but it’s rather close to frobnicate, the word used for trivial encryption in the GNU C library—and I still think memfrob is stupid. Upgraditis is credited to Isaac Sibson in the Urban Dictionary but it’s an honnest re-invention. On the same topic, I also like upgradeathon and upgrape.

* *

A rich source of rare words is the Webster’s Word of the Day mailing list. Once a day, an obsolete/rare word is delivered to your mailbox. I don’t usually spam like this, but that’s one of the rare mailing lists I subscribe to.

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