Sustainable iPod Rack

This week, I have a half-an-hour project for you: A sustainable iPod rack. All you need is a 50 mm × 50 mm × 70 mm (2in × 2in × 2½in) block a wood, a band saw, and a chisel.

OK, it’s not entirely made of wood; you may also need felt pads underneath to make it more stable and/or furniture friendly.

So here’s the plan:

Measures are metric but you can convert from mm to inches knowing than an inch as 25.4 mm (rounding at 25 is just fine here). The thing is somewhat slanted as to offer a good viewing angle when the iPod is on the rack. That depends on where you intend to put it and how you plan to use it. For me, a \approx 7:1 slope was OK (although I didn’t really compare lots of angle for usability).

You cut off the part marked A on the diagram with a band saw (or whatever you have, but the band saw guaranties both a fast and perpendicular cut). The hardest part is to chisel the block where the large plug goes, at the bottom of the iPod. There’s no real magic here, unless you have some special tool to bore square holes.

The finished result:

* *

You can die and varnish it to match your furniture, but if you want it to remain “sustainable” you might want to leave the wood au naturel. I’m sure there are far more talented wood-smiths than I that would get a much better result.

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