Suggested Reading: Beautiful Evidence & The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Edward R. Tufte — The Visual Display of Quantitative Information —2nd ed., Graphic Press, 2001, 197p. ISBN 978-0-9613921-4-7

Edward R. Tufte — Beautiful Evidence —2nd ed., Graphic Press, 2006, 213p. ISBN 978-0-9613921-7-8

(Buy at

(Buy at

Tufte is known for his work on visual presentation of information and all his know-how can be found in his two books: we discover his sober, well documented, to-the-point style, and the careful analysis of each graphs and display technique. His style is such that he conveys without ambiguity why he think something “works” or doesn’t.

But, unlike Few, Tufte does not consider only one specific application area and we get a grand tour of the question from its historical roots to current trends.

However, I feel like these two books should be reworked as a single volume as, being as complementary as they are, they feel strangely redundant at times; you have to read both to get the full story, but there are many concepts found and explained in pretty much the same way in the two books. If you’re on budget that is a bit tight, I would suggest you go for Beautiful Evidence first.

Either way, I strongly suggest reading one, or the two, if you are, like me, required to communicate (potentially vast) amount of quantitative information.

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