The Night Shift

For years, I had to get up really early to beat the traffic (which is increasingly stupid in Montréal) and find a parking spot near ETS (where I work). Suffice to have one circulation cone misplaced (or a dick using two parking spaces) and you have to pay for parking.

However, working schedules can really mess you up, and I decided recently to let go of it and just get at work later.

I find that fighting your natural daily schedule can work for a few days, a few weeks, but ultimately, you cannot do this very long. It eventually disrupts your sleeping patterns and you are always tired, your concentration goes down as well as your productivity.

It’s been a few weeks since I get up later (much later than 4:00 as I used to; also explaining why the blog posts come in at around 11h rather than 6h) and already I feel many of the benefits. I am more alert, productive, and I even cut a bit on coffee.

But this also means that I can reclaim late evening for writing, coding, and to have time for myself. During my Ph. D. years, I would usually get up late, go to bed rather late, and that allowed me to be much more productive than the reverse, that is, getting up early and being back home early. For one thing, due to my charming left-side neighbors (which are Olympic-class dicks), 17:00–21:00 is too noisy to get anything done; certainly not hearing yourself think, and, anyway, when you’re up at 4:00 in the morning, nothing useful will happen after 21:00.

So, let’s see how it works out from here, maybe I’ll be able to keep up better with blog-related (and other) writings. (I usually have quite a queue of posts, but recently, it has been almost depleted, but not quite empty, due to many things happening all at once, leaving with less time for the blog.)

* *

The awesome hypnowl is (c) Heiko Windisch and is used with permissions.

2 Responses to The Night Shift

  1. nicole lefrançois says:

    I can relate to your post this time as it concerns a subject matter which I have had time to ponder over to say the least. (Hey it’s fun to write in english).

    Working the real night shift, I have had, for the first time in years, time for myself, lots of it. And since I do not have the displeasure as certain acquaintances to have noisy and aggravating people living next to me, I sleep really well during the day.

    I don’t hurry when I get up, I don’t get stuck in traffic, and it’s a fun feeling to be awake when most everybody’s sleeping. I fell like a guardian angel (well I exaggerate a bit but still… must be related to the job I do).

    So keep up the getting up later, the drinking less coffee,(but a good mean strong thick coffee is sometimes heavenly, not a machine one (not even the new machines ones), but homemade with art and skill.

    The hypnowl is really impressive and ads to the text.

  2. Steven Pigeon says:

    I’m not giving up coffee any time soon, don’t worry :p

    And I found the owl browsing, an eclectic collection of great/nice/weird images.

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