Noah’s Backups

A couple of weeks ago, my basement got flooded by meltwater. Fortunately, long story short, I’ve got insurances for that, and except for the basement underfloor that will need to be redone, relatively little damage was done. No computers floating, nor furniture. It could have been a lot worse. Wet, but not floating, was a box containing backups and old CDs and DVDs with data sets.

Luckily, this box was air/watertight and its contents remained dry. What kind of box was it?

It could have been one of those beautifully done Pelican cases (of which I own a couple for my photo equipment) but it was a common military surplus 5.56mm ammo box that saved these backups. These boxes can be found in any military surplus store (that’s not like they’re hard to find) for not much and they are wide enough for DVD cases. The fact that they’re air/watertight ensures that your data is kept comfy even if stored in a damp corner of the basement.

I suppose Tupperware-like salad containers should do just as well to keep your data dry—if not as cool as the ammo boxes, they’re easier to find, and much less expensive.

As I’ve said before, having a good personal data backup strategy is important and it turns out that even small things (like a plastic salad container) can do a great deal of difference when it hits the fan.

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