Suggested Reading: National Audubon Society Guide To Photographing National Parks

Tim Fitzharris — National Audubon Society Guide To Photographing National Parks (Digital Edition) — Firefly Books 2009, 192 pp. ISBN 978-1-55407-455-6

(Buy At

Contrary to what the title may indicate, this book has little to do with actual digital photography techniques for landscapes or natural wonders; it is rather a tourist guide of everything you should see in the major american national parks. After expediting the basics of landscape photography, the guide leads you into a detailed journey into the United States major national parks, giving you all the good hints as to how to reach this-or-that natural wonder, what time of year, or even the time of day will lend itself the best for photography.

While this seems moderately interesting for a foreigner (especially if one doesn’t really want to visit all the state parks), the book is entirely redeemed by Fitzharris’ absolutely superb photography. A must get, especially if you’re interested in landscape photography.

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