Artsy Recycling

Even when you actually want to recycle computer parts (especially scrap parts that do not quite work anymore) it’s quite hard to do so. One possible solution is to simply chuck everything in the usual recycling bin and hope for the best. Or you can try to find a metal reseller. Or you can use the parts in a creative way. Kind of.

I disassembled the CFM01 and got quite a lot of spare parts from the 1U Pentium III servers. The casings aren’t all that interesting since they’re fairly cheap (compared to, say, a Dell PowerEdge server) and the CPUs are useless. Nobody wants them. Even recycling the all-copper heat sink proved a problem. So I used them differently.

I would guess they are near pure copper as the metal is tender and pliable. However, even if copper is kind of expensive, I could not find anyone in my region that bought—or even just accepted—copper for recycling. So I decided to use the heat sink to build a paper weight.

The heat-sink were covered in dust, and the thermal paste had dried up a long time ago.

They needed quite a bit of scrubbing before even looking clean:

Finally, I screwed four of them together to form a cube (turns out they fit rather well together due to the notch, for which I see no obvious reason to exist). So, It’s not much, but it’s a cool (2lb?) paperweight.

* *

I am deeply disappointed we still have to work that hard to recycle electronics. It’s not like we’re in the 50s and the only two electronic devices we’d use are the stereo and the TV set. My town does kind of offer electronics recycling, but I think they’re not doing enough. Relying on the good will of corporations isn’t a policy, it’s a dismissal. Maybe I should write to my mayor.

* *

Since I’m going to walk my talk, I wrote to my mayor:

And now that I have written to my mayor, I feel OK with asking you that you do the same if your city does not already provides a decent electronics recycling facilities/policies.

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