Suggested reading: Da Vinci Cod

Don Brine — Va Dinci Coddah — Bragelonne, 2006, 200 pp. ISBN 2-915549-70-2

(Buy at

(Buy at

This parody of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is much more entertaining than the orginal that I found boring, predictable, and pseudo-intellectual —so much in fact that I gave up reading the original after about one third of the book! The author of the parody (Don Brine… Dan Brown, get it?) does a very good job exploiting all of the very annoying devices of the original: digressions, historical factoids, and all the other silliness.

In this parody, some really evil and even more really secret society rules the world on the behalf of sentient and transcendant cods that are the real superior beings on Earth… or under the oceans, whatev. The parody reuses all the plot devices of classical mystery/conspiracy novels, but with just one extra serving.

Of course, this book isn’t great art, but it has its moments. It got me to laugh a couple of times, and it made a great read for a lazy sunday in the last days of summer (or early fall)

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