About this blog

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is about explorations on better programming. For speed, for robustness, for legibility, for security, for extensibility, and for everything else that’s too often lacking in software.

Subjects I am likely to cover are

  • Efficient data structures
  • Efficient algorithms
  • Space-efficient in-memory (and/or disk) representation of data
  • Data compression
  • Error detection/correction
  • “Deep” computer arithmetic, a.k.a. bit twiddling
  • Miscellaneous performance hacks
  • Coding standards, including portability issues
  • Image processing / machine vision
  • Fault tolerance

plus whatever comes up!

Not being the next Cox or Stallman should not prevent me, nor anyone else, from seeking betterment of skills, from sharing solutions with others, and from learning from others. And that’s what this blog is really about: iterative refinement of solutions through the exchange of ideas between me and you all, the readers.

The exchange of ideas is crucial because many brains thinking differently are inherently better than just one brain, and much better than many brains thinking too much alike. Let this blog be a praise to lateral, iconoclastic thinking.

I do not intend to limit myself to any particular programming language, though I must admit I greatly favor C/C99 and C++. I also use BASH, Python, assembly language (as a last resort), Mathematica, Scheme, and another handful of programming languages. Therefore, problems (and solutions) discussed will often be C/C++-centric, but I’m quite open to discussing a problem (and its solution) in one of the readers’ favorite language.

* *

Unless otherwise stated, all text contained within this blog is © Steven Pigeon and may not be reproduced without explicit, written, authorization. Images from wikimedia commons and other sources are used according to their respective licences or by authorization from the rightholders.

12 Responses to About this blog

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Roman says:


    Just googled to your blog searching for my nickname, romalong!
    How did you find out about me?
    Nice to meet you!


    • Steven Pigeon says:

      We met on the #photogeeks channel on freenode, about 2-3 years ago (or maybe more, time flies!). Since then I’ve been listening to your mixes regularly. Did you continue DJ-ing? Because if so… send in the good mixes :p

  3. mgpcoe says:

    Just found your blog today, can’t recall how.. perhaps through Reddit, linking to the Luminance challenge you posted?

    In any event, this is without a doubt the best CS blog I’ve ever seen. I’ve already subscribed to your feed in Google, and I feel like I’ve already learned a lot.

    So, lots of thanks from a CS geek and hopeful NLP researcher in Toronto!

  4. Charlie says:

    I was listening to pandora, and daft punk’s around the world was playing when I clicked a link to this site (generating random points in a triangle)

    Just had to share the coincidence :)

  5. Very useful posts. :) thanx a lot

  6. ACMer says:

    The best CS blog for sure.
    Thanks for great articles

  7. […] Ce blogue est un heureux mélange de mathématiques, d’informatique, d’optimizations, de programmation et d’algorithmes!  Un autre des blogues que j’adore : Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. […]

  8. aaryadevan says:

    like this site pls keep it updated

  9. Mayank says:

    Hi Steven,
    Can you please elaborate your views on murmur3 hashing algorithm and can we tweak it to get better uniform distribution of the hashes.

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