Suggested Reading: The Common Sense of Science

May 19, 2010

Jacob Bronowski — The Common Sense of Science — Harvard University Press, 1978, 154 pp. ISBN 0-674-14651-4

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I already knew Bronowski by the television series The Ascent of Man (broadcasted in french in the late 70s or maybe the very early 80s by Radio-Québec, now TéléQuébec). Even as a child, I was impressed by the depth of discourse of the series. Universal thinker, in The Common Sense of Science, Bronowski tells us how he conceives science and its methods as a fundamental human activity, and why it plays such an important (if misunderstood) rôle in our society. The narration follows more or less the evolution of science since the Enlightenment to our time and how it is tied to the industrial revolution.

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