Discrete Inversion (Generating Random Sequences XII)

July 30, 2019

While this sounds something like a shameful family secret, discrete inversion is only the finite-valued variation on the method of inversion for the generation of random numbers with a given distribution (as I’ve discussed quite a while ago here). The case we’ll consider here is a random variable with few possible outcomes, each with different odds

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Enumerating Enums

January 28, 2014

Every programming language has its defects; sometimes large, sometimes subtle; often causing irks. One thing that has been bugging me for a while (and many others, as you can see if you use Google) is the impossibility of enumerating enums from basic language constructs. You just can’t. Using the STL (and C++ 2011), however, you can have a somewhat elegant solution.

The solution I propose in this post is robust as it does not depend on the actual values of enums nor on that they can be mapped onto integers. We arrived at this solution (we being me and people on the ##c++ channel on Freenode, especially user “moonchild”) and I think it (almost) solves the problem of enumerating enums.

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