YDbDr (Colorspaces VI)


Also an analog colorspace, YDbDr was used in SÉCAM (quentielle ccouleur à mémoire), the French analog TV standard that was also used in Germany, Greece and the Middle east, among others. YDbDr, like the others, use the luminance, Y, and two chrominance components: Db, Dr (for différence bleue and différence rouge).

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YUV and YIQ (Colorspaces V)


Not all colorspaces are inherently digital, and in fact, most were first conceived as, and for, analog means. Let’s have a look at two of those colorspaces, YUV and YIQ. The YUV colorspace was used for the European analog TV standard, PAL, while YIQ was used for the North American and Japanese standard, NTSC.

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