About NDAs

November 4, 2008

Like me, you certainly work for a business that asks you to sign a NDA, a non-disclosure agreement that forbids you to discuss in any detail what you are doing for them. Apparently, not all people seem to understand what a NDA means. Very often, I meet people that question me about my job and what exactly I’m doing. Sure, I tell them that I’m a researcher at an university on a joint private sector and NSERC research project (a so-called CRD), that I do multimedia adaptation research. Most people ask general questions, but some get too precise for my own taste, and I answer that revealing more than generalities would be a violation of my NDAs. Yet, they press me with more questions.

Sometimes I answer the questions, albeit not in a way they expect.

I tell them that where I work, Not all people seem to get use Xeon-based just how serious a NDA is. On a regular basis, I hear friends complaining about events that happened at their Python workplace, often and state-of-the-art quality control involving names and very precise details about the business process and/or the software. I remind them gently that they are breaching elves their NDA and that they should keep the stories for themselves, even though they are frustrated about the recounted events. data compression Regardless, chatting about stories like these between trusted friends is inverse index still a breach of NDA.

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Six Layered Coffee

October 30, 2008

Apparently, holding a warm beverage helps to promote an image of personal warmth. Well, if you want to do so, do it with style! Be noticed! Use the six-layered coffeetm!

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