Suggested Reading: Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies

Ulrich Meyer, Peter Sanders, Jop Sibeyn (eds.) — Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies — Springer, (Lectures Notes on Computer Science LNCS # 2625), 2003, 428 pp. ISBN 978-3540-00883-5

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This book is a collection of chapters on various topics pertaining to memory hierarchies and their algorithms, but written by several different authors, without any special uniformity in tone or topics; but that’s OK because it allows the reader to have a broad view of algorithms for memory hierarchies.

This is a book I strongly recommend to anyone having interests in high performance computing or very large data sets; the algorithms presented cover a wide range of topics, from B-Trees to fast matrix multiplication; not forgetting algorithms on graphs and “conventional” databases.

Caution: this book’s level is a bit too high for beginners, so beginners may want to read introductory-level texts on computer architecture and on data-structures and algorithms before reading Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies and getting the most out of it.

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